BINNIE -- "Maiko in Kyoto" #24/100

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Artist Paul Binnie (1967-present)
Title "Maiko in Kyoto"
("Kyo Maiko")
Date February 2008,
Limited Edition #24/100,
Series Third print of "A Collection of Eastern Brocade Beauties"
("To Nishiki Bijin Awase")
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed.
Seal, Carver/Printer Paul Binnie/Paul Binnie
Image Size 10 1/4 x 15 ("dai-oban")
Impression Very Fine. Skillfully executed "bokashi" (gradation of colors) shading; shimmering "mica" plus gold and silver metallic highlights; extensive "gauffrage" (embossing); highly detailed carving.
Condition Pristine.
Reference/Illus See our recent article on "Four Seasons" Beauty Series-- by Paul Binnie to learn about the release of Paul's prior 4-print "bijin-ga" series.
Comments Two young "maiko"
(apprentice "geisha") of Kyoto are seen dressed in their finest attire. See our related Article #23 "The Making of a Print--Paul Binnie's 'Red Fuji'" to learn about Paul Binnie's works. Also, see John Fiorillo's webpage on "Paul Binnie" to learn more about this talented Japanese-trained woodblock artist/printmaker.
Item # Available NOW As DG-843 #24/100;
(DG-844 #25/100 Sold/BS)
Price $995