Kevin Clark -- "Bird Flock" ("Bat Cave") #20/80

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Artist Kevin L. Clark
Title "Bird Flock" ("Bat Cave")
Provenance Clark's "Lizard Prints" Studio. Artist's numbered "Certificate of Authenticity" included.
Date 1999
Limited Edition #20/80
pencil-signed by artist.
Series na
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed.
Seal, Carver/Printer Kevin Clark
Image Size 7 x 11 3/8,
plus wide margins;
(9 1/2 x 14 overall)
Impression Very Fine. Strong pigments; highly visible woodgrain; crisply printed on white paper.
Condition Pristine.
Reference/Illus Although not a "Made in Japan" woodblock, see our recent article titled "Talented Oregon Printmaker -- Kevin Clark" to learn about this talented artist/printmaker.
Comments As seen by different eyes--this print depicts crows, seagulls, or even bats flying enmass against the soft white-to-blue sky.
When asked "Which??" Kevin replyed...."You decide -- it's whatever you see..."
Once full edition of 80 prints completed, Clark "strikes his initials" into the block's face to ensure NO future printings.
Item # KC-06
Price $125