Hokusai -- "Courtesan with a Mirror"

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Artist Hokusai
Title "Courtesan with a Mirror"
Date Image dates originally to Edo era (1738-1868). This "re-carved" Meiji-edition was published 1903-1906.
Series From Shimbi Shoin's "Ukiyo-e Grand Anthology" (5 Vol Set)
("Ukiyo-e Ha Gashu").
Publisher Shimbi Shoin Publisher
(Tokyo; ca1890-1936)
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 6 1/4 x 15 1/8 image (on silk), set into embossed 12 x 19 1/4 wide-margined backing.
Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed "bokashi" shading; black lacquer and "gofun" highlights; highly detailed kimono; amazingly detailed and crisp line-work (made possible by partial "end-grain" carving).
Condition Excellent.
(Slight "age-mellowing" to print's album backing sheet.) No flaws noted.
Reference/Illus See our U-G "Shimbi Shoin" article.
Comments This Meiji-era "bijin-ga" print (of an earlier Edo era image) comes from "Ukiyo-e Ha Gashu", publisher Shimbi Shoin's "crown jewel" of 175 ukiyo-e masterpieces (spread over 5 volumes) produced between 1903 to 1906. Shimbi Shoin's pioneering use of "end-grain carving" (in conjunction with usual "plank-carving") allowed these prints of astonishing detailing to be produced. Furthermore, many of these 175 images were then printed onto the fine silk (rather than paper). (Learn more.)
Not new--now 100+ years old. Very rarely available.
Item # JK-04
Price $575 (Sold/AV)