Yoshitoshi -- "Moon of Shinobugaoka"

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Title "Moon of Shinobugaoka"
Series "One Hundred Aspects of the Moon" ("Tsuki Hyakuhi")
Date 1889
Publisher Akiyama Buemon (Tokyo)
Carver Enkatsu
Image Size 8 3/4 x 13
Impression Excellent. Skillful "bokashi" shading to sky, foreground, and tree trunk; "gauffrage" pattern to cartouche and hanging kimono; complex checker-board pattern done via "burnishing" to black samurai's garment (see "Additional Deluxe Printing Techniques"); crisp, highly detailed carving of individual hair-lines.
Condition Nearly Excellent. Strong colors. (Minor scattered marks and flaws; slight oxidation of orange pigment.) Original Japanese album backing; nearly full margins.
Reference/Illus Stevenson's "Yoshitoshi's One Hundred Aspects of the Moon" pl #76; Ronin Gallery pl #76, pg 21.
Comments A touching image. The young samurai Gyokuensai stands motionless beneath a moonlit shower of falling cherry blossoms in Shinobugaoka, which is now Ueno Park in Tokyo.
Item # CG-920
Price $750 (Sold/TQ)