Some "Customer Comments"

As co-associates of this Ukiyoe-Gallery website, we have found our daily interactions with our customers to be a constantly rewarding experience. As a result, when answering our customers' emails, we often find ourselves graciously adding this comment: "Thank you for your very kind words."

Immediately below, you will find what is simply a random accumulation of customers' comments which we have saved over time....

"Just a note to let you know the Koson print has arrived safely. It's amazingly beautiful and true to your appraisal of it. Thank you for your excellent customer service. Your approach to educating the customer is wonderful. I will be visiting your site often to read in the "Library" and view the prints. I think it's a great idea to leave those (prints) that have been sold on the site for reference.

I always feel confident, whether you're selling expensive or not so expensive prints, that they are fairly priced and accurately described. I certainly would recommend your business to anyone. Thanks for a lovely experience."



"Wow, thank you so much.... your Yoshitoshi "Koi Pond" re-strike is stunning. I am so delighted. The packaging was exemplary. I am very satisfied. I am sure to find more items to purchase in the years to come.

Thank you again for your patience and careful attention.

Also your online "Library" is a treasure."



"The two prints arrived this morning and I'm very pleased with both of them. I will keep in touch and I'm sure I'll be buying again. I appreciate the scholarly efforts of your gallery.

Thanks again. You made it very easy to do business."



"Having read a number of woodblock descriptions during a mere 3 months I've come to realize that many sellers overstate their case in obvious ways. Some give no information. Some give a small amount of useful and believable information. And then there's you, with a nice amount of useful and believable information."



"I just received the (woodblock) today. It....has been such a positive experience. The communication was excellent and the packing is absolutely superb - the plastic sleeve is a definite plus! Shipping was also amazingly fast!

In fact, I am so pleased that I am interested in purchasing another one from you. I am interested in...."



"We received the print today and are absolutely delighted. It is even better than we thought it would be. Many thanks for the packaging to deliver a print half way across the world in perfect condition and the delivery in such a quick time.

I look forward to viewing your gallery items from time to time to see if there are any other prints that take our fancy."


RS (Australia)

"I checked out .... your gallery. I'll say it again...I don't know what you could do to make it more professional or appealing. It's a delight to page through, bring up images in detail.... There are so many fabulous prints in there.

I know most of what you are doing with the gallery is just common sense to you....but most people lack the qualities to pull it off so successfully. You are a master at what you are doing.

I'm sure you will have continued success [and fun] with it. Your appreciation for woodblock prints and honesty shows through brightly."

Take care,


"Thanks for the information that you provide on your web sites regarding Japanese Wood Block Prints. It is like taking a college course in its amount of information and the clarity of its presentation."



"An absolutely astounding website! A fantastic gift to the world to make this body of work available with such detail and in such a user-friendly way. This is what the Internet was made for. Congratulations on a job very well done.

Many thanks."



"I'm just so captivated by all the beautiful prints and fascinated by all the articles....

I am in complete agreement with all of the comments made by your other satisfied customers - especially the one that talks about how what you do on your web site probably just seems like common sense, but is SO LACKING in so many other dealers. It seems like they want to hold back information or keep things mysterious - but an educated customer is really the best one to have. Thanks again for being so forthright."



"Wow!! You are right!! (RE: Asano (or perhaps Asada??)) The print I have IS the "Kiyomizu Temple in Moonlight" by Benji Asada.... the (New York) dealer who sold me the print ascribed it to Takeji Asano. Thanks for giving me the excellent information.

I know right now if I am interested in purchasing additional prints .... you are THE source. Thank you so much for your prompt and precise reply!"



"Thank you Thomas....

It's just wonderful doing business with you. Your website is more educational about prints in general and more informative about the individual prints you're selling than any I've seen. I always feel confident, whether you're selling expensive or not so expensive prints, that they are fairly priced and accurately described."

My best regards to you and to Andreas,


"Thank you very much....

I also just wanted to let you know that your name was given to me by my former colleagues in Christie's NY Print department - [my specialist field is Old Master paintings] - they recommended you! I'll look forward to hearing from you (and) Dr. Grund."



"I received the (items) in perfect condition. They are marvelous. Thank you very much for the care you have taken to package them....

I stay watching your website and hope to do continued business in the future. Thanks again."

Best regards,

JS (Netherlands)

As you can readily see, our customers seem to consistenly be very pleased with both our service and our expertise. We're always glad to answer questions, striving in all cases to do so as accurately, honestly, and completely as possible.

Still not sure??

Then give us a try.... We've got dozens and dozens of highly satisifed customers--and would love to add YOU among them.

For questions about Japanese woodblock prints, please email us at Ukiyoe Gallery, or call us at (503) 362-8362.

(c) Thomas Crossland and Dr. Andreas Grund, (October 2002 -- Updated April 2003, August 2004, and Jan 2006)

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