Fine Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints -- as Postage Stamps

July 2003, Tokyo

For those among our friends and collectors who are short of space to store a collection of woodblock prints we offer now the ultimate solution: Stamps!

The Postal Office of Japan for several years already issues nice series of typical ukiyoe images, examples are shown below. These were issued over a 3 year period (2000-2002) to commemorate "International Letter-Writing Week" Definitely, such a collection, requires only a minute space, and a new momentum in the discussion about state and condition is brought in by the "teethed" margins.....

Simply enjoy!


Hokusai, 1999


Hiroshige, 2000


Hiroshige, 2001


Hiroshige, 2002

And finally the good news: We at Ukiyoe-Gallery keep several sets of these beautiful stamps. If you are a collector of stamps or ukiyoe, or ideally of both, and would like to get these tiny prints for your collection, see "Japanese Postage Stamps -- Classic Hokusai & Hiroshige Ukiyo-e."

(c) Andreas Grund and Thomas Crossland -- June 2003

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