June 2002 - Five Additional Hasui Prints Re-issued by Watanabe

The Watanabe Publishing House already surprised the collector's community earlier in 2002 with the reprinting of five Hasui designs. At that time, Watanabe promised that additional re-issued prints would soon follow. Well, Watanabe has kept their promise. Now in mid-June 2002, a second batch of five Hasui prints has been re-issued, together with one additional design by Shiro Kasamatsu. Needless to say, that all prints follow the high quality standards of Watanabe.

All prints are sealed with a black round 7mm Watanabe seal and the red "Heisei-seal."

The following is excerpted from previous January 2002 article:

"New" in this case, however, does NOT mean that these prints were previously unknown, instead simply that they have just not been printed for the past thirty to fifty years - for perhaps a variety of reasons.

I do recall, around two years ago, that during one of my personal meetings with Mr. Shoichiro Watanabe he told me that they were at that time collecting and combining sets of woodblocks that had been scattered in different locations for many years and that, once the sets were complete (and in good condition) printing would be resumed of these "old" Hasui designs.

Well, that moment has now come true!! According to the Watanabe Publishing House, all blocks used in their printing are the original blocks. "The prints are from the original blocks, therefore we call them "atosuri" - or late editions . In case of any re-cut blocks, we would (otherwise) name them reproductions".

When recently asked why it had taken so long to reprint these fine designs, a simple reply was given: "Increased customer's demand." We do not know who printed the new Hasui's, but it is clearly evident that the level of quality is very high - in accordance with the consistently high standards of Watanabe.


Narazaki N202

"Moon at Nakanoshima, Sapporo," 1933

Watanabe H49


Narazaki N204

"Harbor at Night, Otaru," 1933

Watanabe H50


Narazaki N191

"Snow at Shinkawabata, Handa, Bishu," 1935

Watanabe H51


Narazaki N217

"Saishoin Temple in Snow, Hirosaki", 1936

Watanabe H52


Narazaki N179

"Mt. Fuji in the Moonlight, Kawaibashi," 1947

Watanabe H53


(c) June 2002, Andreas Grund and Thomas Crossland