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Fine Japanese Woodblock Print Auctions - Weekly Auctions for Exceptional Items

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Auctioneer: Jasper52, 347 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016, United States.

Beginning early 2017 -- every week we at “Ukiyoe-Gallery.com” offer a new selection of prints from our extensive Japanese print inventory for inclusion into “Jasper52 Auction’s” weekly on-line auction of fine Japanese woodblock prints.

We welcome you discover the wide selection of Japanese prints that “Jasper52 Auctions” bring to the marketplace of print collectors each and every week.

Whether it’s a rare “hard-to-find” item, mid-priced items of exceptional quality and value, or (of course) a delightful selection of “value-priced” prints -- there are always treasures to be found at “Jasper52 Auctions” that will suit the tastes and budgets of ALL Japanese print collectors.

Jasper52 Auctions – Where “Exceptional Items” are found weekly.

"We’ll see you at the Auction!!"

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Jasper52's Current "Fine Japanese Woodblock Prints" Auction "Ends JANUARY 15, 2017"

A Few Words about this week's current Jasper52 "Fine Japanese Woodblock Prints" auction.

With this array of 19th-20th century woodblock prints, discover why Japanese printmakers impacted the development of modern art. Featuring world renowned artists such as Hokusai and Yoshida, this sale reveals nuanced techniques and traditional Japanese values. Whether capturing the serenity of a temple or the quiet stillness of a bird on a branch, these images exemplify both fine art and elegant decoration.

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KOSON (1927) "Willow Bridge" -- SHUNSEN (1950) "Black Cat Sitting" -- HASUI (1952) "Spring Evening"

Just a Few of this Week's 120 Auction Print Items

If you have any questions about prints at our Ukiyoe-Gallery website, please email us at Ukiyoe Gallery, or call us at (503) 362-8362.

[PLEASE NOTE: "Print identification" is NOT a service that we provide. Being asked to identify, translate, and place an estimated value on prints owned by others could easily involve several hours of our time each day. Unfortunately--We have neither the time nor resources to reply to such requests.]

Not sure what time it is??..... Just above is the CURRENT TIME at Ukiyoe-Gallery.com's westcoast USA (Keizer, OR) office.
(Please--Consider the time before you call.)

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