HASUI -- "Rain at Shinobazu Pond" (#2)

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Artist Hasui KAWASE
Title "Rain at Shinobazu Pond"
("Shinobazu no Ike no Ame")
Date 1929 (lifetime printing)
(known collected 1946-47)
Provenance Private placement. Consigned by family of Army serviceman Lt Col Frank Fliniau--POW 1942-45, stationed in Tokyo 1946-58.
Series "Twenty Views of Tokyo"
("Tokyo Niju-kei")
Publisher Watanabe Shozaburo
Seal, Carver/Printer Unsealed (not uncommon from Watanabe Publisher), but known collected 1946-47. (lifetime edition).
Image Size 9 1/4 x 14 1/8
Impression Very Fine.
Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading to sky, buildings, and trees; light "gauffrage" to clouds, trees, and railings; life-like reflections; highly detailed carving.
Condition Nearly Excellent.
Excellent colors.

Clean front and verso.
(Two tape tabs top verso margin; light toning; light wear.)
Reference/Illus Narazaki #166; Hotei #162.
Comments Colorful springtime image. Lifetime printing.
Item # GG-320 (PR-05)
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