HASUI -- "Moon at Megome" (#9)

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Title "Moon at Megome"
("Megome no Tsuki")
Date 1930 (circa 1946-57)
Provenance Consigned by a knowledgable collector/dealer.
Series na
Publisher Watanabe Shozaburo
Seal, Carver/Printer Red "6mm-seal" (lower right)
(used only 1946-57,
lifetime printing)
Image Size 9 3/8 x 14 1/4
Impression Very Fine. Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading to sky, trees, and clouds; light "gauffrage" to tree and full moon; nicely detailed carving. (Light ink-smudging right margin.)
Condition Excellent.
Deep saturation of colors. Clean frontside and verso. (Slight toning.)
Reference/Illus Narazaki #169; Hotei #165; Blair, Toledo 1936 #12.
Comments Beautiful moonlit scene done almost entirely as an "aizuri"
(shades of blue) print. One of Hasui's most popular images. Always gorgeous.
Item # PA-52
Price $1150 (Sold/BP)