IKEDA Shoen -- "November Beauty" (#2)

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Artist IKEDA Shoen (1886-1917)
Title "November--Balmy Autumn Weather"
Date 1924 (Original Edition printing.)
Series "New Ukiyo-e Beauties"
("Shin Ukiyo-e Bijin Awase"--published posthumously in 1924.)
Publisher Murakami
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 9 1/2 x 15
Impression Very Fine. Skillful "bokashi"
(gradation of colors) shading.
Condition Good to Very Good. Excellent colors. (Matline very edge of margins; tiny 1/8 tear upper/left. Visible/inner image area unaffected.)
Reference/Illus "The Female Image," Plate #136.
Comments Soft "watercolor look." Published posthumously as an original edition in 1924. Female artist.
Item # MM-22
Price $450 (Sold/NR)