Mike Lyon -- "Jessica Reclining" (rear) -- #6/10

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Artist Mike Lyon
Title "Jessica Reclining" (rear)
Provenance "Lyon Art, Ltd." Studio
Kansas City, MO.
Date February 2004 -- #6/10
(Very Limited Edition of ONLY 10 prints and 14 proofs.)
Pencil-signed by artist.
Series na
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed.
Seal, Carver/Printer Mike Lyon
Image Size VERY WIDE 5 3/4 x 29 5/8,
plus margins.
Impression Very Fine.
Very deeply pigmented; printed on Japanese hosho paper hand-made by Iwano Ichbei.
Condition Pristine.
(Visible "kento marks." A few scattered pigment marks; minor wrinkles--otherwise flawless.)
Reference/Illus Although not a "Made in Japan" woodblock, see our recent article, "Mike Lyon -- Innovative Printmaker," to learn more about this very talented artist/printmaker.
Comments This sensuous VERY wide-format print is produced from a Spanish cedar block by 16 successive "reduction" cavings and printings (using dry pigment and neri-zumi)--thusly guaranteeing a true Limited Edition totalling ONLY 24 prints.
Item # ML-19 #A/P Sold/RS;
ML-12 #6/10 (Sold/DN)
Price $475 (Available, INQUIRE)