Rakuzan -- Bluejay on Cherry Branch

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Artist TSUCHIYA, Rakuzan (1886-19??)
Title "Bluejay on Cherry Branch" (given name)
Date ca1938
Series na
Publisher Self-published?
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 9 1/8 x 14 1/8
Impression Fine. Soft "bokashi" shading to cherry blossoms and limb; light "gauffrage" to blossoms; "burnishing" to bird's black accents; nicely detailed carving.
Condition Very Good. Clean backside. (Light transfer stains at corner areas--otherwise flawless.)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Colorful "kacho-e" (bird/flower) image by an artist whose works are not commonly seen.
Item # LM-16
Price $185