HASUI -- "Snow at Ueno Kiyomizu Temple"

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Title "Snow at Ueno Kiyomizu Temple" ("Ueno Kiyomizu no Yuki")
Date 1929 (later edition, ca 1980)
Series One of 16 images originally published by Kawaguchi & Sakai (1929-30)
Publisher Shobisha
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 9 3/8 x 14 1/4
Impression Very Good. Nice "bokashi" shading; gauffrage as "raised" snowflakes.
Condition Excellent. (No flaws noted.) "Age-mellowed" paper.
Reference/Illus Frontispiece to Prachter's "Kawase Hasui and his Contemporaries" reference. Narazaki #KS-1
Comments Published by Shobisha (who acquired woodblocks from Kawaguchi & Sakai around 1950). NOT NEW; on heavier "Old Paper.".
Item # SOLD OUT (see Gallery #5)
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Price $495