KASAMATSU -- "Birdcage"

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Title "Birdcage" ("Torikago")
Date 1957. Earlier second edition (now "sold out") on "Old Paper." Likely early c1960's.
Series na
Publisher Unsodo
("gei watermark" lower left margin corner)
Seal, Carver/Printer Okura/Shinmi
Image Size 9 5/8 x 14 1/2
Impression Very Fine. Nice "bokashi" shading; baren "sujizuri" to background; crisp "key-lines."
Condition Excellent. Strong fresh colors. (Slight toning--otherwise flawless.)
Reference/Illus Grund #U-84
Comments A remaining print of publisher's now "sold out" inventory.
Item # (EG-110 Sold/NF;
JS-1671 Sold/MI);
(JS-1670 Sold/BH;
JS-1669 Sold; JS-1668 Sold; JS-1575 Sold; JS-1081 Sold; JS-1082 Sold)
Price $375 (Sold Out)