TSUNETOMI -- "The Heroine Umekawa" (#8)

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Artist TSUNETOMI, Kitano
Title "The Heroine Umekawa" (in the play "Meido no Hikayuki")
(aka "Woman in Snow")
Date ca1923
Provenance Dealer contact--from an exceptional private collection.
Series "The Complete Works of Chikamatsu" (12-print series)
("Dai Chikamatsu Zenshu")
Publisher unk
Seal, Carver/Printer Yamagishi Kazue/Nishimura Kumakichi
(both artisans produced the entire 12-print series)
Image Size 10 3/4 x 15 1/4
(plus wide margins)
Impression Very Fine.
Nicely executed "bokashi"
(gradation of colors) shading; snowflakes depicted in "gofun" (white overprinting); white "mica" background and silver "mica" highlights to hair-pin and purple garment; nicely detailed carving.
Condition Excellent. Excellent, fresh colors. Very clean front/verso. (Few scattered marks; very slight wear.)
Reference/Illus Illustrated in "The Female Image," p.86, pl.106; "The New Wave" pl. 138.
Comments A large head portrait of a young beauty, surrounded by large flakes of snow of hand-applied "gofun."
Having only designed a few prints, works by Tsuentomi are quite rare--and this is the most sought-after print of the series. Part of a 12-print series of prints (each done by a different artist) published c1922/23. (Most "Chikamatsu" prints are found badly spotted or toned--these are in very fine condition.)
Item # GG-279
Price $1500