TERAUCHI -- "Spring"

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Artist TERAUCHI, Fukutaro
(1891-19??, active ca1915-60's)
Title "Spring"
(given name)
Date ca1915/60's
Provenance Consigned by a knowledgable SW print collector/dealer.
Image Size 7 1/2 x 11 visible
(no frame this painting)
Technique Original watercolor.
Superbly executed shading, life-like reflection and shadowing; nicely detailed.
Condition Excellent. Fresh, strong colors.
(Absolutely flawless--an amazingly fresh painting.)
Comments Beautiful "spring" scene with warmly illuminated shoji-screen windows. A prolific painter of landscape watercolors, Terauchi's paintings are recognizable for their colorful atmospheric style.
A unique, truly ONE-of-a-kind artwork.
(No frame with this painting.)
Item # FW-79
Price Special $225 (Sold/MK)

(Reg $295)