KOITSU -- "Benkei Bridge" (#4)

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Title "Benkei Bridge"
Date 1933 (early printing by Yokoi, likely 1936/56-62)
Provenance Private placement. Consigned by a southwest print collector/dealer.
Series na
Publisher Doi Hangaten
(Doi "watermark" upper left)
Carver/Printer Harada/Yokoi
Image Size 9 3/8 x 14 1/4
Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed "bokashi" shading; woodgrain visible in sky; finely carved details; life-like reflection.
Condition Very Good+++. Strong colors. (Tape residues verso top margin; several surface scratches; slight wear.)
Reference/Illus Chigasaki Museum's 1999 Koitsu Exhibition Catalogue, pl# 7, p14.
Comments Exhibits the "superb mastery of light" for which Koitsu is so well known.
Item # FW-46
Price $550 (Sold/AK)