ISHIWATA, Koitsu -- "Yamadera in Rain"

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Artist ISHIWATA, Koitsu
(using art-name "Yoshimi")
Title "Yamadera in Rain (Tsubosaka Temple, Yamato)"
("Yamadera no Ame (Yamoto Tsubosaka dera)")
Date 1950 ("Showa 25")
Provenance Private placement. Consigned by a southwest print collector/dealer.
Series na
Publisher unk
Seal, Carver/Printer Signed "Yoshimi"
(art-name used by ISHIWATA)
Image Size 10 3/4 x 15 ("dai-oban")
Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed "bokashi" shading throughout print. Light "gauffrage"
(embossing) to umbrellas and trees; life-like reflection; nicely over-printed streaks of falling rain; very highly detailed carving.
Condition Fair to Good. Quite good colors. Clean verso. (Residues/staining/thinning front margins and narrow vertical area lower/left image from previous over-matting; mat-line/color-change left and right image edges; wear.) Interior image area nearly excellent.
Reference/Illus na
Comments Wonderful colors and composition. A VERY RARE print by ISHIWATA using the art-name of "Yoshimi." Will frame/display very nicely.
Item # FW-45
Price $450 (Reserved/NS)