Hiroshige -- "60-Odd Provinces -- Kai Province, Monkey Bridge, #13" (#3)

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Artist Hiroshige (1797-1858)
Title "Kai Province, Monkey Bridge ("Sarubashi"), #13"
Date First printing 1853;
this edition Meiji "Memorial Edition" ca1900.
Series "Famous Places in Sixty Odd Provinces--Memorial Edition"
("Rokuju Yoshu Meisho Zue")
Publisher Seal unread
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 8 7/8 x 13 1/2
Impression Very Fine. Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading; "gauffrage" to cherry blossoms, cliffs, and mountains; nicely visible woodgrain; highly detailed carving.
(VIEW representative verso "bleed-through.")
Condition Nearly Excellent. Fresh, strong colors. (Light toning; few scattered marks.)
Reference/Illus "1987 Ronin Gallery Catalogue" pl#14.
Comments Considered by many to be Hiroshige’s finest and most dramatic series. Faithfully re-printed using colors to emulate Hiroshige’s earlier prints with much attention to detail. Rarely seen.
(Same as prior DG-305 item.)
Item # EG-691
Price $475 (Sold/DK)
(Not a recent "re-strike"--guaranteed 100+ years old.)