BINNIE -- "Lightning" #17/40

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Artist Paul Binnie (1967-present)
Title "Lightning" #17/40
Date May 2010,
VERY Limited Edition only 40 impressions, pencil-signed.
Series na
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed
Seal, Carver/Printer Paul Binnie/Paul Binnie
Image Size approx 11 1/2 x 24 (LARGE)
Impression Very Fine. Boldly carved and printed "sosaku hanga" style.
Condition Excellent.
Reference/Illus na
Comments A boldly printed "sosaku hanga" style print. In Paul's words "I have chosen a large size... to give the feeling of the verticality of the bolt of lightning as it crackles between dark clouds and rain to earth. A small edition of only 40--but still employs 14 different printings, including three printings of solid black overlaid to achieve a deep, opaque darkness in the heaviest clouds."
See John Fiorillo's webpage on "Paul Binnie" to learn more about this talented Japanese-trained woodblock artist/printmaker.
Edition is "sold out."
Item # Available NOW as EG-689-#17/40)

(EG-689-#16/40 Sold/RD;
EG-689-#12/40 Sold/MM/la/ug;
EG-689-#27/40 Sold/HD/j52;
EG-689-#13/40 Sold/SO/la/ug;
EG-689-#26/40 Sold/DR
EG-689-#14/40 Sold/MK
EG-689-#9/40 Sold/DK)
VERY SMALL edition -- (THREE copies remain)
Price $1600