Tom Kristensen -- "M is for Marx" -- #6/30 Second Edition

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Artist Tom Kristensen (photo) (1962-present)
Title "M is for Marx" Second Edition #6/30
Provenance Kristensen's Australian studio (photo)
Date 2009
Limited Second Edition #6/30,
pencil-signed by artist.
Series "McDonald's"
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed.
Seal, Carver/Printer Tom Kristensen
(self-carved/self-printed by artist)
Image Size 5 3/8 x 6 7/8
(plus WIDE margins)
Impression Very Fine. Deeply pigmented.
Printed on thick Japanese kozo washi paper, using Japanese pigments, gum, and rice-paste.
Condition Pristine.
Reference/Illus Although not a "Made in Japan" woodblock-- Kristensen is self-trained in Japanese carving/printing techniques, and all of Tom's prints are made using only Japanese papers, pigments, and tools. Here are a few photos Tom sent to us taken inside his studio. Kristensen is clearly a very talented and creative artist/printmaker.
Comments Capitalism meets Marxism--at McDondald's. The (usually golden) arches of McDonald's known the worldround. The 2006 First Edition (of 25 prints) was never completed--so after 3 years time a NEW Second Edition (of 30 prints) has been printed. A VERY "Limited Second Edition" totalling ONLY 30 prints. With Kristensen's new series of "American Presidents" prints, Kristensen has vaulted himself into popularity and discovered immediate success--reporting his first design of Barack Obama has quickly become "sold out."
Item # Available NOW As EG-007D #6/30
(EG-007 #2/30 Sold/SV;
EG-007C #7/30 Sold/CH
EG-007B #5/30 Sold/JM
EG-007A #8/30 Sold/TB)
Price $195
Also available as 3-print set
$550 (Ed numbers may vary)