KOSON -- "Monkey Holding a Dragonfly"

(original silk painting)

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Artist Koson (Shoson OHARA) (1877-1945)
Title "Monkey Holding a Dragonfly"
(given name)
Date c1910-23
(PRE-1923 earthquake)
Provenance Private placement. Consigned by an eastcoast USA collector.
Technique Original painting onto silk.
Superbly executed shading; life-like shadowing; highly detailed.
Image Size 9 7/8 x 12 7/8
Condition Nearly Excellent.
Excellent colors.
Laid-down onto light backing.
(Tiny spot bottom edge; minor discoloration top edge.)
Reference/Illus "Crow, Cranes, and Camellias" pl# K-41.18 is related woodblock. (Similar preparatory painting shown "Hiriki Ukiyo-e Museum Catalogue" pl# 59.)
Comments A delightful Koson image of a monkey holding and inquisitively studying a dragonfly. A striking ink on silk painting by Shoson OHARA (1877-1945) of his well-known "Monkey Holding a Dragonfly" woodblock print. A unique, truly ONE-of-a-kind artwork by a Meiji-era Japanese well known for his dozens of "kacho-e" (bird and flower) prints. Close-up image clearly shows artist's "red seal" is hand-applied.
Item # DJ-23
Price $3900 (Sold/DC)