Toshi Yoshida -- "Plum" (#3)

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(Click HERE for additional image)
Title "Plum" ("Ume")
Date 1980
Series "Friendly Garden Series"
Publisher Yoshida Family Studio
(Commissioned by The Franklin Mint.)
Seal, Carver/Printer Pencil-signed (in Japanese "kanji")
Japanese signature reads "Yoshida Toshi."
Image Size Unusually Large--image 9 7/8 x 20 1/8 tall. (Frame size 15 3/4 x 30 5/8 overall.)
Impression Very Fine. Skillful "bokashi" shading. Highly detailed carving.
Condition Appears Excellent. Strong colors.
(No print flaws noted--not examined outside of frame.) Frames are very nice condition. (Little white transfer to upper/right corner.)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Left (stand-alone) image of large oversized triptych set; nicely framed in beautiful Japanese-style frame.
(Nicest 3-print set we've ever encountered.)
Item # DG-769
Price $600 (with frame) (Sold/LV);
OR $1650 total as 3-print set of DG-767/DG-768/DG-769.