GOYO -- "Rain at Yabakei" (#2)

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Title "Rain at Yabakei"
Date 1918, March (60th Anniversary "Commemorative Edition," sanctioned by Goyo's family, Dec 1981)
Series Limited Edition of 150 prints.
Publisher Tanseisha Publisher
Seal, Carver/Printer Uetani/Suzuki
Image Size 13 x 17 3/4
Impression Very Fine. Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading to sky, mountains, water and foreground; black lacquer highlights to rocks and wagon; metallic silver pigments nicely over-printed as streaks of falling rain; highly detailed carving.
Condition Pristine. (Still in original "presentation folder"--no flaws noted.)
Reference/Illus Toledo, 1930, Plate #9B; "Shin-Hanga" Fig #81; "Modern Japanese Prints" p81.
Comments Striking Goyo landscape image, sketched in March of 1918 while in Kyushu. One of only 16 lifetime images done by Goyo (11 "bijin-ga," 4 landscapes, 1 "kacho-e").
Item # DG-139
Price $950