KOSON -- "Heron on a Snow-covered Pole"

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Title "Heron on a Snow-covered Pole" (given name)
Date ca1930's (pre-War printing)
Series na
Publisher Kawaguchi (1929-ca1942)
Seal, Carver/Printer Small oval "Kawaguchi seal" lower right corner.
C/P: **/Komatsu.
Image Size 9 3/8 x 14 1/4
Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed soft "bokashi" shading to heron, snow-covered areas, and background; light "gauffrage" to heron's outline and snow-covered grasses; soft "sujizuri" circles to grey sky background; highly detailed carving, crisp key-lines.
Condition Very Good++. Strong colors. Clean front and backside; full original margins. (Slight to moderate age-mellowing front, moderate toning verso; single small spot (lower snowy area); soft crease lower left margin; light wear.) Tiny "Made in Japan" stamped verso.
Reference/Illus Illustrated in "Crow, Cranes, and Camellias" #H-14.1, pg 203.
Comments A striking image of a single heron sitting upon a snow-covered pole, set against an azure blue/grey background. Technically an outstanding print.
Very rarely seen.
Item # DG-01
Price $1,950 (Sold/JG)