Yoshitoshi -- "Beauty Clutching Two Samurai Swords"

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Title "Beauty Clutching Two Samurai Swords" (given name)
Series "Lives of Modern People" ("Kinsei Jimbutsu Shi")
Date December 13, 1887
Publisher Yamamoto Shinbun (Tokyo)
Carver Enkatsu
Image Size 8 3/4 x 13
Impression Excellent. Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading to cartouche, shoji screens, and tatami-mat floor; burnishing to black sword sheaths and shoji handles; "gauffrage" to white collar and cartouch box; very crisp, highly detailed carving of hair-lines and other fine details.
Condition Very good+++. Excellent colors. (A single repaired small wormage lower right margin--otherwise flawless.) Full original margins, unbacked, very clean.
Reference/Illus na
Comments Exquisite. Geisha is shown clutching two (wakizashi and katana) swords. This print is the 15th in a series of only 20 prints that Yoshitoshi designed as a suppliment ot the Yamato Newspaper.
Item # CG-997
Price $650