BINNIE -- "Moga--A Modern Girl of 1920" (#95/100)

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Artist Paul Binnie (1967-present)
Title "Moga--A Modern Girl of 1920"
("Sen-kyuhaku-niju-nen no Moga")
Date May 2013
Limited Edition #95/100, pencil-signed.
Series "Hyakunen no Hana"
("Flowers of a Hundred Years")
Third print in this series.
Publisher Self-carved/self-printed
Seal, Carver/Printer Paul Binnie/Paul Binnie
Image Size 11 1/2 x 17 1/2
(plus margins)
Impression Very Fine.
Lavishly printed: with an amazing 47 colour and "bokashi"
(shading) printings, employing mica, "gauffrage"
(embossing), silver metallic pigment and 23-carat fine gold leaf.
Condition Excellent.
Reference/Illus na
Comments Binnie's "Moga Girl" (third print of this series of 20th Century beauties) pulls out all the stops with a stunning combination of deluxe printing techniques. Like Kiyoshi's "Tipsy" of 1930--Paul's "Moga" print (COMPARE both prints) boldly shows the dancing, smoking/drinking, and flirting girls of the 1920's Japanese economic boom.
See John Fiorillo's webpage on "Paul Binnie" to learn more about this talented Japanese-trained woodblock artist/printmaker.
Item # BO-03 (#95/100) (Sold/BK)
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