ODA -- "Beauty Resting, Summer Evening"

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Artist ODA, Tomiya (1895-1990)
(active 1926-38)
Title "Beauty Resting, Summer Evening" (given name)
Date ca1926-38 (likely 1926-30's printing--clearly on "old paper")
Provenance Private placement. Consigned by family of Air Force serviceman John Kinney stationed in Tokyo 1946-57.
Series na
Publisher Nihon Soshoin Han (left), Adachi (right)
Seal, Carver/Printer Maeda (carver); Takazawa (printer)
Image Size 10 x 14 ("dia-oban"--large oban) (plus margins)
Impression Very Fine.
Skillfully executed "bokashi" shading to shoji screens, fans, and foreground; extensive "gauffrage"
(embossing) kimono pattern, fans, hair-piece, and face; visible "woodgrain" to grey foreground; crisp line-work, highly detailed carving.
(Small "natural paper flaw" bottom margin.)
Condition Nearly Excellent. Excellent colors.
Clean front and verso.
(Very slight wear; slight toning. No prior mounts.)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Highly detailed and gorgeous "bijin-ga" image. A student of Kitano Tsunetomi, ODA is known to have produced "bijin-ga" prints of the early "shin hanga" period. Rarely seen--only copy we've encountered.
Item # BK-42
Price $1250 (Sold/JG)