Hiroshige -- "60-Odd Provinces--Mikawa, Horaiji Temple, #11"

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Title "Mikawa, Horaiji Temple" #11 ("Mikawa, Horai-ji")
Date 1853
Series "Famous Views of the Sixty-Odd Provinces" ("Roguju Yoshu Meisho Zue")
Publisher Koshimura-ya Heisuke (Koshihei)
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 9 x 13 1/2
Impression Very Good. (Thin ink smudge left edge.) Nicely done "bokashi" shading to upper/lower sky, clouds and water; visible woodgrain to clouds.
Condition Very Good. Excellent colors. Few minor marks, light soiling. Retains original thin album backing.
Reference/Illus Ronin Catalogue #11, pg 4.
Comments A striking, atmospheric image with a nearly vertical stairway leading out of sight to the mountaintop above the steep gorge below. One of the masterpieces of what is perhaps technically Hiroshige's finest series.
Item # BG-88
Price $750 (Sold)
(Guaranteed original)