KOSON -- "Cranes on the Seashore"

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Title "Cranes on the Seashore"
("Kaihen no Tsuru")
Date 1933 (Undated, but published in 1933 per Blair).
A "First Edition" printing; edition of 300 prints.
Provenance Obtained directly from Robert O. Muller's Collection following his death (via a New York contact).
Series na
Publisher Watanabe Shozaburo
Seal, Carver/Printer Watanabe "C-seal" (so-called "sausage seal," used only 1929-42); appropriate "First Edition" seal.
Image Size 9 1/2 x 14 1/4
Impression Very Fine. Superbly executed "bokashi" shading; deep "gauffrage" (embossing) to bird's outlines and feathers, clouds, and waves; baren "sujizuri" (circles) to sandy foreground; highly detailed carving; crisp lines.
Condition Excellent. Excellent colors. Clean front and verso.
Reference/Illus Blair's 1936 "Toldedo Exhibition" pl. #188;"Crow, Cranes, and Camellias" pl. #S-4.1.
Comments A striking, colorful, and technically superb "kacho-e" image--rarely seen. Watanabe "C-seal" used only 1929-42.
Item # BG-688
Price $1850 (Sold)