Scroll Painting: "Turtles and Cherry Blossoms"

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Artist Unidentified/unread
Title "Turtles and Cherry Blossoms"
(given name)
Date Late-Showa period, ca1980's.
Image Size Painting size: 13 1/4 x 38 1/4.
Technique Painting itself is colored pigments on tan silk, with "gofun" highlights for water.
Mounting Size Entire "kakejiku" (hanging scroll) is 18 x 71 1/2 overall.
Mounting Details Tanish silk (artwork) mounted on green silk with tan/gold patterns; with different flower-patterned cream-colored silk used top and bottom; gold-patterned cream silk "ichimonji" brocade top/bottom; gold-patterned cream-colored silk brocade hanging "futai" at top; BONE end-pieced bottom roller.
Condition Excellent.
(No flaws noted. Clean and wrinkle-free.)
Comments A very attractively painted composition of three turtles near a water's edge, under a blossoming cherry tree--nicely mounted as a hanging scroll. A unique, truly one-of-a-kind artwork.
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Item # BG-542
Price $350 (Sold)