"Hiroshige -- The Albuquerque Museum Exhibition"

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Title "Hiroshige -- The Albuquerque Museum Exhibition"
by The Albuquerque Museum
Date 1983
(September 25-November 27, 1983 "Hiroshige Exhibition")
Series na
Publisher The Albuquerque Museum
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size 8 1/2 x 11 inches x 226 pgs
Impression Stiff softcover
Condition Very Good to Excellent
(New--slight wear)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Very extensive and authoritative reference on a wide variety of Hiroshige’s prints from many series. Issued in conjunction with The Albuquerque Museum's September 25-November 27, 1983 "Hiroshige Exhibition," this reference contains 899 of Hiroshige's lifetime prints. Although illustrated mostly as small black/white images (10 in color), this outstanding reference details all of Hiroshige's famous series, plus showing a wide spectrum of lessor-known prints (each of which is titled, dated, and described). Rarely available.
Item # BG-475
Price $95
(out of print--few available)