Antique Bronze Hand Mirror & Lacquerwood Box

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Title Antique Bronze Hand Mirror
(with ORIGINAL box)
Date Mid-late Edo Era (1604-1868) ca1830-50
Provenance Found in old Kyoto. (October 2003)
Series na
Publisher na
Seal, Carver/Printer na
Image Size Mirror's diameter is a full 12 inches--VERY LARGE.
(overall length is 16 1/4 inches; black lacquer box is 18 5/8 inches)
Impression Very Fine. Forged brass, with silver metal mirror surface.
Condition Nearly Excellent.
(Slight looseness to handle wrapping; minor tarnishing--otherwise in remarkably fine condition. Some chipping and wear to edges/corners of lacquer box--but overall nicely preserved.)
Reference/Illus na
Comments Beautifully and deeply decorated in a "cranes, turtle, pine tree" motif. These old heavy, forged bronze/silver Japanese mirrors could only be afforded by the "upper class" residents of Edo-era Japan. What makes this truely of "museum quality" is the fact that it still comes with its ORIGINAL black lacquerwood box.
A RARE combination--quite an unusual find.
Item # BG-464
Price $1250