Yoshitoshi -- "Disagreeable - A Young Lady from Nagoya, Ansei Era"

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Title "Disagreeable - A Young Lady from Nagoya, Ansei Era" ("Nikurashiso Ansei Nenkan Nagoyajo no Fuzoku")
Series "Thirty-two Aspects of Women" ("Fuzoku Sanjuniso")
Date 1888 (Second edition printing with one color cartouche.)
Publisher Tsunashima Kamekichi (Tokyo)
Seal, Carver/Printer Carver: Wada hoir Yu
Image Size 9 1/2 x 14 1/4 (Plus full, original margins--note "kento" mark lower right corner.)
Impression Very Fine. Nice "bokashi" shading to lips and kimono's foliage; light "gauffrage" to kimono's pink flowers; over-printed hair to produce layers; crisp, highly detailed carving of individual hairlines.
Condition Very Good to Excellent. Excellent colors. (A few minor marks, and slight wear.) Unbacked--full, original margins (note "kento" mark lower right corner).
Reference/Illus Stevenson's "Yoshitoshi's Women - The Woodblock-Print Series Fuzoku Sanjuniso" pl.#23
Comments Fancily dressed, here we see a young lady of a distinguished houshold--pretending that she does not like an admirer.
Item # BG-361
Price $875 (Sold)