HASUI -- "Misty Morning" (#2) RARE

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Title “Misty Morning at Yotsuya Mitsuke”
(“Kiri no Asa (Yotsuya Mitsuke)”)
Date 1932 or 1933 (Early, a very rare print.)
Series na
Publisher Iida Kunitaro Publisher (Tokyo, active 1932-33.) Little is known of this publisher; is known to have published only a few Hasui prints.) (Not Doi.)
Seal, Carver/Printer Hirai (active 1914-44)
/Sakakura (active 1932-33)
Image Size 9 1/2 x 14 3/8
Impression Very Fine. Nicely executed "bokashi" shading. Crisp, sharp "key-lines."
Condition Fair+ to Good. Quite good colors. (Reinforcing has been added verso to 3 corners; some discoloration/fading lower/left; other wear.)
Reference/Illus Narazaki #D-6; Hotei #271.
Comments Clearly from the SAME blocks as the commonly seen Doi-published print--it seems clear to us that this print's blocks were, in fact, FIRST owned/carved/printed by the little-known Tokyo publisher, Iida Kunitaro (in 1932-33). Shortly thereafter, blocks went to Doi. Despite condition, a VERY RARE print for the serious "Hasui collector."
Item # AT-141
Price $475 (Sold/WA)